Saturday, November 28, 2015

Cortana beta iOS version now available

Siri in iOS appeared first in the iPhone 4S, has since gradually gaining popularity, update after update. But unlike that year when it was released today Siri is not the only digital assistant market, there are Google Now and Cortana, Android and Windows respectively.

Microsoft has clearly wants to be the reference in virtual assistants, so determined to carry Cortana as many possible devices, regardless of platform.

And weeks ago, Microsoft released the following statement at the same time it began allowing users to subscribe through a survey for iOS and Cortana.

Your life is not limited to a single device, and therefore neither does your digital assistant. Cortana will now be with you on your Windows 10, tablet and phone if you need it. We know that there are a variety of mobile devices out there, so we want to ensure that Cortana reach as many of them now Cortana will be your personal assistant in iOS great too. Cortana deep integration of Windows makes it can be really helpful. Therefore, although there are many features that you can use in Windows and can not do on iOS (like waking with a "Hello Cortana"), we have focused on making iOS Cortana is the perfect companion for your Windows 10.

Thanks to Microsoft News we learned that the day of despligue application has arrived, is now available through TestFlight Apple a previous version of the application of Cortana in iOS for users who have subscribed through the survey before mentioned.

How is Cortana? Does it represent a real competition to Siri?

Cortana is a digital assistant that essentially equals Siri lets you do reminders, set alarms, answers your questions, tells jokes, sings, among other things. But, unlike Siri, it is not directly integrated with the operating system, so some functions like making a call or raise application using a voice command with Cortana will be more complicated than with Siri.

For the user who surely more worthwhile use Cortana IOS is for that that its devices have a computer with the Windows 10 operating system, and through the application of Cortana keep synchronized their alarms, reminders, as well as the track their flights and parcel shipments.

Would you give an opportunity to Cortana in iOS?

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