Thursday, November 5, 2015

Facebook launches new features for iOS app [video]

Facebook updated application dedicated terminals tonight iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch and it seems that it has implemented several new features in the list of changes although nothing is mentioned title.

New features implemented by the Facebook company application called Music Stories and to talk about a new format for posting, it allows quick sharing songs or music albums from the Apple Music or Spotify.

Based on these postings Facebook users can listen to a preview of 30 seconds for songs shared by their friends, album covers and various animations being implemented by Facebook to potentiate this functionality.

Apart from promoting the songs or albums from the Apple Music and Spotify, the people at Facebook argue that all this content can be bought directly from the application or saved as a favorite in the iTunes Store, Spotify and Music of iOS, Music Stories are limited to those two services now.

On the Facebook iPhone app, songs and albums shared from the leading music services will become “Music Stories,” a new post format which allows people to listen to a 30-second preview of the shared song (or album) while on Facebook. The preview is streamed from either Apple Music or Spotify (depending on the source of the link shared), and can be purchased from or saved to the respective music streaming service.

Sharing this type of content is done by taking the link to a song or album in the Music app, Spotify and iTunes Store or sticking to the interface of the application Facebook post, so do not talk about a process very easy for users.

In the morning I said that Facebook has at present more than 1 billion daily active users as of this summer, more than 8 billion views on video clips also being generated daily in the social network after the order users see videos.

We’re introducing “Music Stories” today to enable better music discovery and sharing on Facebook. The new post format allows people to listen to previews on Facebook from Apple Music and Spotify. You can read more about it on Facebook for Media:
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