Wednesday, November 25, 2015

iOS 10: what users expect from the new iPad Pro platform

Until the announcement of the iPad Pro, Apple has released a new version of the software for their devices - iOS 9. OS has several new features that seemed ideal for devices with large screen. These changes are really foreshadowed yield 12.9-inch iPad.

Support options Picture-in-Picture for video calls FaceTime, multitasking Split View and Slide Over, extended keyboard, and more will allow Apple to adapt the operating system under the big iPad, emphasizing the potential of the tablet as a device for professionals. But there are some things that should be implemented in iOS 10 to take advantage of iPad Pro to the maximum.

iPad as a second display for PC

If you play or work on the computer and use the iPad Pro to view the tape Twitter, email, then you are able to use the tablet as a second screen for the Mac «out of the box" will be very useful.

Apple offers the technology AirPlay, which in most cases is reasonably robust. With this function, you can transfer images via Apple TV to your Mac or iPad directly to the TV screen. It will be convenient if the company implements this method for the iPad Pro, to use it to expand the computer screen. Third-party applications solve this problem, but it would be great to get the opportunity Apple's default.

Application Interface

Despite attempts by Apple iOS adapt to the big screen, the system can find a lot of flaws. Take a look at the notes and blank white space on both sides of the text. It is unclear whether the placement of the text will be the full width of the screen the best solution, but it is necessary to use methods to increase the text displayed.

Lots of wasted space - the general trend of applications on iPad Pro. It seems that Apple bet on the use of the Split View, or Slide Over. In the Mail app in the landscape orientation of the text it is also surrounded by lots of white space. By the way, where optimized for the big screen version of GarageBand, demonstrated during the presentation of iPad Pro? As it turns out, she is not ready.

Information on the lock screen

In blocked 12.9-inch screen iPad Pro, you can see as much information as and on the iPhone. This is a huge area that can be used to display useful information and interactive notifications.

Why not see the resulting image via iMessage immediately from the lock screen without the need to run the app itself? The same applies to investments in e-mail. Many users want to use widgets on the lock screen. For example, it would be the way information about the connected Apple Watch. It is also useful to display calendar events, weather information and the latest news.

Grid applications

On the iPad Pro Net Applications has the form 5 × 4 in landscape orientation and 4 × 5 in portrait. For comparison, in the iPhone 6 Plus is using a grid of 6 × 4 and 4 × 6, respectively. This ratio is meaningless. Why a small iPhone screen can fit twice as many applications than on a huge screen iPad Pro?

The size of the new iPad Apple changed encourages grid arrangement of icons not only to display their large number, but also to display other types of information. For example, the widget.

Third-party applications

Adapted for iPad Pro application making a mess. Of course, this is no fault of Apple, but the company would be worth to take care of the initial set of apps optimized for iPad Pro. For example, the official Twitter client looks strange on the big screen. A similar story with the official client Facebook - it is simply stretched by 12.9-inch screen application for regular iPad.

YouTube and Netflix - the two most popular applications for video viewing - and have not been updated and have not received features picture-in-picture, Split View, and Slide Over. It is strange why Apple has not applied in advance to these companies and to work with them to create applications for the iPad Pro. It is assumed that the large iPad has been in development for about 2 years, and has been shown to the public for two months before the start of sales. So why has so little for adapted software?

3D Touch

For devices from Pro-segment lack of technology 3D Touch it looks strange. Some people are skeptical about the emergence of this function in your iPhone, so accustomed to the beneficial properties of 3D Touch, which continues to make strong habit of clicking on the screen iPad Pro.

This technology can be used while editing text. Excessive pressure on the area of the iPhone 6s keyboard is incredibly useful virtual trackpad. To enable it to iPad Pro is required to use two fingers already. This is not as convenient and intuitive, as in the case of 3D Touch.


Safari on iPad Pro disappointing. The browser has received no improvements and upgrades to the new "professional" tablet. You do not have the possibility to open the two tabs at the same time next to each other. This technique may be useful when comparison characteristics or searching information.

In Safari, still no download manager. You could not download the MP3-file from SoundCloud and add it to your music library. Instead, you must download the file to your Mac, add it to your library in iTunes and iCloud. Browser extensions allow you to save music files in Dropbox, but the Mac is still needed to import the file into iTunes and iCloud.

The argument against OS X on iPad Pro

It argued that the iPad Pro should work on OS X because of its large display. According to experts, the idea is not as good as it sounds. OS X does not adapted for touch screens. Many elements of the system for controlling the cursor are too small for conventional signs. Instead, Apple should make every effort to optimize the iOS for iPad Pro. If you think that iOS is not suitable for the New iPad, and you can not imagine how it will look in this context OS X. This is not going to work.

The emergence of a hybrid device with OS X and iOS in a pair with a detachable keyboard and trackpad looks more realistic scenario, but the last thing I want to do using any iPad - run on OS X. It is famous Apple tablet combination of high performance and ease of use, so they popular.


Overall, despite some software flaws, iPad Pro is really good. It will not replace the PC, but it will be a golden mean between classic iPad and MacBook. On the one hand, a good thing that the big iPad offers fewer features than a computer. But many of the nuances of Apple could be implemented better. Use Mac assumes performance of any work, while on the iPad Pro nicer than a traditional computer or iPad, watch videos.

But iPad Pro is too expensive. For most users buy iPad Air 2 is a more appropriate option. However, if you get used to the 12.9-inch display, it will be very difficult to return to the small. At first, the screen seems great, but you get used to it very quickly. The same feeling can be experienced during the transition to iPhone 6s Plus. After this just do not understand how this could be to use a 4-inch iPhone.

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