Tuesday, November 17, 2015

iOS 9 already installed on 67% of Apple devices

One of the key advantages of Apple's mobile platform over Android has always been considered its low fragmentation. But that has less to do with any shortcomings of the latter, as the fact that "guglofony" produces a lot of manufacturers that independently determine the version of the platform installed in them, while all the gadgets running iOS available exclusively Apple.

It is not surprising that in early October, for a total of three weeks after the debut of iOS 9, the operating system installed was the 57% of compatible devices. Toward the end of October, its share increased to 61%. By the middle of November, Apple can boast of increasing the presence of iOS 9 at the level of 67%. It is noteworthy that a year ago, two months after the release of iOS 8, it was installed only 60% of compatible devices.

Apple has managed to increase the total number of units iOS 9 with a yield fresh updates. In iOS 9.1 has added more than 150 new Emoji characters with enhanced support for Unicode 7.0, and 8.0, and the function Live Photo learned to stop recording "live" pictures in the case if the iPhone is rising or falling.

Share of 67% is a good result and convince skeptics of the positive dynamics of development of the "apple" of the platform, because for the past year the number of units sold increased and the number of supported models is not diminished. Also worth noting is that currently is testing iOS 9.2, you can install both developers and participants of the beta program Apple.

As for iOS 8, its share at the moment does not exceed 24%, and the earlier version of Apple's operating system accounted for only 9% of the market.

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