Thursday, November 19, 2015

iOS 9.2 vs iOS 8.4.1: performance comparison on the old iPhone [Video]

Update iOS 9.2 yet though and is in beta testing, but access to public assemblies is still there. And this means that comparisons iOS 9.2 beta 4 Other issues can not be avoided. Author YouTube-channel iAppleBytes decided to compare the new firmware iOS 8.4.1 - the latest stable version of the "Group of Eight" - on older devices: iPhone 4s, iPhone 5 and the iPhone 5s. The result was twofold.

The most significant is the work of the OS on the earliest of supported devices. It should be understood that the A5 processor and 512 MB of RAM in the iPhone 4s so far not able to pull out and many new features of iOS 9, and the speed and smoothness of at least iOS 7, not to mention the iOS 6. And test demonstrated lack of necessary optimized to "nine" in many aspects. Since the speed of loading the operating system and operation of the standard messenger, ending Siri and the App Store iOS 8.4.1 firmware fulfills faster and without perceptible delay.

With models of the iPhone 5 and the iPhone 5s situation is somewhat better. The difference in the various generations of operating systems are not as noticeable, and many applications are launched almost simultaneously, and if the delay is, it is not too noticeable. And in some problems iOS 9.2 works even faster than in iOS 8.4.1.

iOS 8.4.1 against iOS 9.2 beta 4: iPhone 4s

iOS 8.4.1 against iOS 9.2 beta 4: iPhone 5

iOS 8.4.1 against iOS 9.2 beta 4: iPhone 5s

Perhaps, Apple is to reduce the life cycle of their devices and to stop a last effort to maintain the old model? Or at least let everyone wishing to make a rollback to earlier releases of iOS. How do you think?

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