Thursday, November 12, 2015

iPhone 7 with iOS 10: A Curious Concept and Amazing

By now, in the world of technology, few things come to surprise us. But a video has appeared on YouTube with a concept of iPhone 7 with iOS 10 left us with his mouth open.

This design plays with the physical Home button, which has been rumored that the iPhone 7 could disappear to trade for a virtual button, and with a full touch screen. It is true that there are still seven months to the presentation of IOS 10 and almost a year to launch the new iPhone 7. But since when is soon to innovate in technology?

That said, we leave you with the video of the impressive design concept iPhone 7 with operating system iOS 10. Later we will discuss the new features that hint at in this concept of the new iPhone and the new mobile operating system from Apple.

Concept iPhone 7 with iOS 10

DeepMind designers (not to be confused with the company that Google acquired) have created a concept iPhone 7 show a version of IOS 10. We hope you like it as we are.

There are several interesting things to note from this awesome design for iPhone 7 and for iOS 10. First, in the lock screen you can directly access the Control Center iOS 10 with a pair of touch gestures without having to press on the Home button.

Speaking Home button, as you may have seen in the video, it is inserted into the touch screen. Quite complex to manufacture, but not impossible. They could cause problems on some devices? Surely. But would it be worth its development? Probably.

Inserted with the Home button on the touch screen you can have plenty of room to read, to play, to display images and more. Also when you click on the upper left corner you can change your view mode to not disturb us button.

In the video, to access our favorite contacts we are able to display the same social networks: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram ... through touch gestures, but thought it would be best accessed through Touch 3D functionality.

Finally, it looks like Notification Center and notifications have a much more elegant visual design, and allows us to access images in a more direct way.

What do you think of this design of iPhone 7 and iOS 10? What features would you like to offer the next-gen iPhone from Apple?

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