Monday, November 16, 2015

iPhone 7C - already prepared launch of Apple

iPhone 7C is ready for launch in Q2 2016 according to new information in the course of this meeting, a monitoring agency known sales of smartphones offering details.

Research director of the INS published during the day in iPhone 7C information that will be available in mid 2016 giving spouses of empty Cupertino future product plans on launching in global markets, as usually happens.

Unfortunately outside these brief details no other information, the director of the IHS offering only the time that the terminal would be available for purchase users, but does not detail the possible functions or components that Apple would take in caucl for him .

Last autumn there are a wealth of information on the launch of iPhone 7C withiPhone 6S and iPhone 6S Plus, but they proved to be true, Apple giving us only two new 
terminals iPhone, as expected already most of the world.

IPhone 7C Launch in the middle of 2015 would be possible if Apple wants to offer a separate product for iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus, this is because a simultaneous release would seriously affect sales of the latter, surely many people seeking cheaper model.

On the basis of information published last week iPhone 7C will not plastic casing that so many have predicted before, on the contrary, would have a design similar to the iPhone 5S, but the components used by Apple in iPhone 6.

Unfortunately iPhone 7C will not be any cheaper, Apple will most likely sell it at the price charged now for iPhone 5S Unless you will think that the device deserves some more attention and it will sell much more expensive than their imagine some analysts.

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