Monday, November 16, 2015

Media: a 4-inch iPhone 6c will be released in the middle of next year

Almost all important presentation in 2015 have already passed - the flagships of Apple, Microsoft, Samsung and other major brands officially showcased and even went on sale. So analysts sypyat insider information about smartphones, which will enter the market next year.

From the beginning, journalists scrupulously collected all the information leakage about the upcoming release of a new line of phones from Apple. Nevertheless, the rumors about the appearance of a model iPhone 6c and has not been confirmed. The company itself is still silent on the issue of cheaper versions of the device.

Head of market research firm IHS Technology Research, Kevin Wong, published in Weibo its forecast of a 4-inch version of the iPhone. He claims that the new product will debut in mid-2016. Technical characteristics of the device, he does not.

From iPhone 6c waiting metal housing, the processor Apple A8 (model 6s got A9), NFC module for Apple Pay, Touch ID, updated design, increased the minimum amount of memory (8 GB is already sure to be enough) and a lower price tag. This recognition technology Velocity 3D Touch smartphone, most likely will not be left to a clearly defined difference between it and the iPhone 6s.

It is worth noting that the expert Timothy Arches of Cowen and Company believes that Apple never going to let iPhone 6c, because the iPhone 6 and iPhone 5s sold is still good, especially against the background of falling prices for these devices after the start of sales of the latest model.

Whatever it was, Apple is going to present or something shocking and holding alleged novelty in the strictest confidence, or refused to release iPhone 6c spite of all analysts, journalists and consumers.

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