Friday, November 20, 2015

Media: iPhone 7 will receive a waterproof casing, and 3 GB of RAM

Despite the recent launch of the iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus Internet information already appearing on the future of flagship phones of the American corporation. According to analysts TrendForce, referring to its own reliable sources, the new generation of the iPhone first get a watertight enclosure and 3 GB of RAM.

If the information is confirmed, iPhone 7 will be paid in a dust- and waterproof, can withstand complete immersion. At the time, people expressed the view that protection from moisture is the main advantage of a number of Android-models of iPhone. Housing protected against water, it may well become one of the main features of the iPhone 7.

Currently, users who need more protection of water, forced to buy expensive covers, spoiling the appearance of the device. It is not necessary to тхэ iPhone 7 with could swim underwater and keep shooting. But it is important that he was able to maintain its performance when immersed in water, or after a heavy rain.

With regard to the increase in the amount of RAM, in the early months of this writing, and KGI Securities analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, known for his accurate predictions of the future "apple" devices. 3 GB of RAM will be part of the new single-chip platform Apple A10, which will be manufactured at the production facilities TSMC.

Most of the flagship solutions on Android already crossed the mark of 3 GB of RAM. And the market can be found even model with 4GB of RAM. But Apple is quite conservative with respect to the technical characteristics of its smartphones, and to be equipped with the latest iPhone for only 1 GB of RAM. This year alone, the company decided to increase the memory. iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus got 2 GB of RAM. This allowed more comfortable to work with smartphones: less reloaded application multitasking and browser tabs Safari.

The source claims that 3 GB of RAM will get only 5.5-inch iPhone 7 Plus, 4,7-inch iPhone 7 will continue to be satisfied with 2 GB of RAM. Such differentiation is hardly a surprise. In particular, cameras Smartphones iPhone 6 Plus is a sensor has optical image stabilization, which is not the iPhone 6.

It is also known that the iPhone 7 may be the first smartphone Apple's hardware platform, built on the architecture of InFO. It frees producers from a number of problems with the production of chipsets, allowing them to apply logic arrays at each other, and then install them directly on the PCB.

Besides the obvious advantages of such a structure, InFO eliminates the need for the substrate, which reduces the thickness of board 0.2 mm and improves heat dissipation, increasing the performance of the chipset to 20%.

Piper Jaffray analyst convinced that the new iPhone 7 will receive a completely new design, which is not a place for a round button under his screen that will allow Apple to reduce the size of a smartphone or increase the diagonal of its screen. The latter will be protected by a heavy-duty sapphire crystal, which is already being used to protect the screen Apple Watch.

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