Friday, November 20, 2015

ReDock bring a useful feature in iOS 9 [Video]

ReDock is a tweak available in Cydia during the day for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch, and through it we can implement in iOS 9 in dock can view multiple applications than normal.

ReDock allows us to activate a paging system for dock so that we can enter any favorite applications want in it, swipe left or right made the dock displaying them in selected applications to display it.

ReDock easily allows you to access your favourite applications particularly when using your device one handed. Swiping left on the dock inserts user selected/defined icons into the dock. Swiping right on the dock allows you to access the top rows of your home screen progressively. For example, the first time you swipe, the icons in the dock will be replaced with the top row of icons, the next time you swipe the dock icons will swap with the second row of icons, etc.

ReDock is available for free download from the BigBoss Cydia repo site.

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