Sunday, November 8, 2015

Smartphone Bluboo Xtouch ahead of iPhone 6 to the speed of the fingerprint scanner [video]

The Chinese manufacturer Bluboo, has released Android-smartphone Xtouch, I decided to demonstrate the capabilities of the product by comparing it with the iPhone. As an object for comparison, made the speed of a fingerprint scanner.

As can be seen on a video posted on YouTube in Bluboo decided to show superiority in the speed of exit of the smartphone from sleep mode by unlocking with the use of biometric module. The video shows that the sensor Xtouch allows you to scan and recognize print faster than the iPhone 6 and One Plus 2. And when tested at various angles One Plus 2 in general could not unlock.

It is noteworthy that 5-inch Bluboo Xtouch is the first smartphone, created using 3D-printing. However, according to this procedure is made only the back cover. It is alleged that she received a "nanocomposite coating" to create a pattern that resembles the texture of a faceted diamond. The device is based on MediaTek MT6753 processor and carries a 3 GB of RAM.

It is surprising that for comparison with Xtouch selected original iPhone. It is known that iPhone 6s, Apple introduced an improved fingerprint with high scanning speed. A recent comparative test fingerprint scanner from three generations of smart phones - iPhone 5s, iPhone 6 and iPhone 6s showed that there was considerable progress of technology. Touch ID of the second generation runs significantly faster and more reliable. It has higher resolution and wider scan area.


Previously, in the field of information security Mark Rogers found that Touch ID, used in the iPhone 6, more reliable than the original module iPhone 5s.  

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