Sunday, November 29, 2015

The dual-core processor uses a A9X, 12- cluster graphics own Apple Developer

Apple, as a rule, does not disclose all the features of your gadgets, so you have to take the matter into their own hands to independent researchers. In addition to evaluating the maintainability of the portal iFixit inside the 12.9-inch iPad Pro looked experts from the site Chipworks, learn a new processor Apple A9X. The next year, is expected to find the crystal its application in the updated iPad Air and iPad mini.

Processor A9X produced exclusively in enterprises Taiwanese company TSMC 16 nm process technology, whereas A9 chips for the iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus manufactures and TSMC, and Samsung. Last modification produces a corresponding 14-nm process technology. Experts Chipworks indicate that A9X is the largest processor Apple. Its physical size is 40% larger than the version of the chip A9 from TSMC.

2-core processor, so Apple is in no hurry to get into the race increasing the number of cores, as do Android-makers. The clock frequency is 2.25 GHz A9X, about 300 MHz more than the frequency of the A9. Experts have found that in the equipping of "tablet" chip has 12 clusters of graphics processing, which are separate and fully independent computing units (its predecessor A8X eight clusters). It is curious that no A9X 8-MB cache in the third level.

"Dick James from Chipworks found in the chip 12-Cluster GPU, dual-core CPU and the lack of cache in the third level, which is at the chip A9. Two cores can be seen inside the area indicated in the illustration in green. According to experts, within each blue area lies two Cluster GPU - a total of 12 clusters. "

Benchmarks have confirmed that the iPad Pro set a very powerful computing module. In terms of device performance equaled in Geekbench 13-inch MacBook Pro and Surface Pro 4 in single-core mode. In the same test "Proshka" performs better than the 12-inch MacBook and MacBook Air 2015 release. The multi-core test mode iPad Pro surpasses the 12-inch MacBook and MacBook Air.

Impressive results and demonstrates the graphics subsystem iPad Pro. The OpenGL-test version GFXBench Apple product not only ahead of schedule all the other gadgets on iOS, and integrated graphics from Intel, including the Iris Pro 5200 15-inch MacBook Pro and Intel HD 520 Surface Pro 4.

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