Monday, December 14, 2015

2016 will bring the first decline in iPhone sales

2016 will be the year that iPhone sales will decrease substantially terminals first, or at least imply that American analysts caution that the acquisition of shares of Apple.

Analysts at Morgan Stanley say that sales of iPhones expected to fall by 6% during fiscal year 2016 of Apple, or 2.9% in the calendar year, the Cupertino with a fiscal year 2016 which began on October 1, 2015 and ending 30 September 2016.

Although iPhone handset sales have increased steadily since it came iPhone 2G and up to now, American analysts are convinced that in 2016 Apple will sell less than the 231 million handsets sold during 2015 iPhone worldwide.

Specifically, analysts of Morgan Stanley expects sales of iPhones to total 224 million units in the year 2016 the figure is 28 million units less than the estimated several months ago by the same analysts.

A research note by Huberty says the bank expects unit sales of the iPhone to decline in Apple’s 2016 financial year by nearly 6% (that is the equivalent of 2.9% in the 2016 calendar year). Morgan Stanley thinks that FY2016 iPhones sales will be 218 million – a 5.7% drop — while CY2016 sales will be 224,000 — a 2.9% drop.

To explain the change Analysts said higher prices in international markets and reaching their saturation will cause a substantial decrease in sales for all manufacturers, and those from Apple will not be safe, although selling iPhone 5S price halved in India as a first able to increase sales.

If sales of iPhones will drop when analysts expect as total revenues of Apple in 2016 to grow by only 2%, and that thanks to the success of Apple Watch and other products that the Cupertino sell them now or will launch next year.

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