Monday, December 21, 2015

800 engineers develop iPhone and iPad cameras

As part of the CBS interview to present Apple's secrets, moderator Charlie Rose had the opportunity to discuss with Graham Townsend, director of the division that develops iPhone and iPad terminals rooms in the Apple company .

According to Townsend, no more than 800 engineers work daily to develop future cameras that are used in iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch's, its testing in detail every room in every possible situation illumination to record the best pictures possible .

IPhone terminals rooms are composed of no less than 200 individual parts, and Apple has created a special laboratory that simulates various operating conditions of the terminals to check in almost any situation to be performance cameras.

There’s over 200 separate individual parts. We can simulate all those here. Apple now says there are 800 people solely dedicated to working on the iPhone’s camera. That team of “engineers and other specialists” is led by Graham Townsend.

it is easy to understand why there is so high that the team develop this component in the Apple campus.

If we think that Apple has 1200 people who develop its future car and 800 people who develop cameras, you can get an idea about the importance of this component, given that the development of a car is a much more complex .

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