Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Action against Apple claims that iOS 9 "ruined" the iPhone 4s

The company of Steve Jobs is certainly one of the most innovative on the market, in addition to win consumers with news, she keeps updating the possibility of users who already have. Just that unfortunately not all updates brought good possibilities for customers of the company. In reality, Apple is getting a process for releasing the iOS 9 to iPhone 4s device.

The action against Apple claims that the company caused problems with the iPhones 4s update by launching iOS 9. If the Cupertino company come out losing, courts will need to pay a fine of $ 5 million for damages.

The action was recorded this past Tuesday (29/15); the problem is that Apple has released the new system for iPhone 4s and didn't warn about the potential problems it could cause for devices. Since there is so new, and the system was developed for the latest devices, he was too heavy.

Smartphone users who have decided to upgrade to iOS 9 could not go back to the previous versions of the system. Many of them ended up causing problems and consumers ended up needing to buy other devices.

The process was carried out by more than 100 device consumers who were suffering with the iOS 9 experience . Continue offering the system to their older appliances was a strategy against Google, so the company can try to stay in front.

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