Thursday, December 17, 2015

Apple is developing a 3D holographic display? - Rumor

We read a few days ago of a recent purchase of the Cupertino company. We speak of the laboratory in Taiwan, according to some, will be home to a center for research and development at Apple. New rumors say that the new laboratory will develop a technology that would allow the display of the iPhone of the future to project holographic images.

It sounds like science fiction but are some rumors circulating these days about Apple and the new research laboratory in Taiwan. This rumor comes in response to speculation about the type of testing and research to be assigned to the new laboratory.

There was talk of several innovations for future display of the iPhone such as an OLED display or the curved but the latest news is astonishing fans. Obviously we specify that it is only a rumor, then a rumor that does not necessarily correspond to reality. According to this rumor, coming from South Korea, Apple would like to work on the 3D display capable of projecting holograms without the need of glasses ad-hoc.

As we said before, this news seems to be science fiction movie but it is to emphasize the growing interest of Apple to the augmented reality (AR), virtual reality (VR) and 3D technologies, evidenced by patents and acquisitions.

Follow the development of the rumor and try to figure out how much reliability has. We recall that there are often rumors that proved to be unfounded and, as interesting rumor this could be further from the truth, at least from that of the near future. Anyway, we'll see and we will update as needed.

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