Thursday, December 24, 2015

Apple partially block pirated applications vShare

VShare is now one of the largest websites pirated applications for iOS and Android, it can free the users almost any existing applications in Google Play or App Store.

vShare has superseded the defunct project Instal which for years has provided applications pirated owners iDevice sites worldwide, the company's lawyers Apple managed to force its closure a few years ago, and now it seems that the same thing will happen by vShare.

vShare Website was created by a Chinese company his great advantage over previous projects is that it allows the installation of applications pirated including the iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch that have not jailbreak done, so theoretically anyone can enjoy offering him.

To allow the installation of pirated applications without jailbreak, use minimum 4 vShare certificates offered by enterprise development company Apple iOS platform applications and at least one of them would have already been blocked by those in Cupertino.

According to Proofpoint, vShare pirates managed to get their hands on several Apple enterprise certificates, using them to create a vShare app. Proofpoint said it noticed that vShare has been cycling through four different Apple-issued certificates to pull off its feat, and Proofpoint reported the issue to Apple. 

A company specialized in computer security vShare called Proofpoint analyzed and the method by which the website allows installation of applications they sending them to Apple information on security certificates used to allow installation of applications on terminals even without jailbreak.

Although Apple has tolerated for years, vshare, it seems that now the company had decided to block at least one security certificates used by websites to allow installation of applications, or at least this is the discovery researchers.

According to them, installing applications by vShare no longer possible, unloading is allowed but is closed immediately after the application in iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch, the result of blocking at least one security certificates.

On Tuesday night, we were still able to download the vShare app onto an iPhone 6 running iOS 8.4, but the app was unable to install, indicating that Apple might have already revoked at least one of its certificates. Patrick Wardle, a researcher at cybersecurity firm Synack, described vShare as a “cat and mouse game, where new or stolen certificates are constantly being added for abuse.” 

Even if Apple would be blocked now at least a security certificate used by vShare, the researchers say that these certificates can be easily replaced by Chinese, and installation of applications will be allowed back into the terminal, so that the process can not be stopped that easy.

The only way that Apple can block vShare is an involvement of the authorities in China that would block the website and would confiscate the servers that contain software based on which he works, but this will not happen anytime soon.

vShare has been the remains a major source of pirated applications to users worldwide and it is unlikely that Apple trying to block even if the default application developers and it lost money.

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