Monday, December 21, 2015

Apple TV? The best interface for TV, word of Bob Iger

Robert Iger (better known as Bob Iger), Disney CEO and member of the board of directors of Apple, praised the interface of the new Apple TV saying that the new set-top boxes of the Cupertino company has the best user interface for TV .

The intuitiveness and ease of use of the interface of the new Apple TV features are greatly appreciated, according to what they said Bob Iger, CEO of Disney. The interface of the new Apple TV is the best interface for television, Iger said, praising the work that Apple has brought to the screen of the TV a versatile operating system, simple and intuitive (tvOS).

The statements of Tiger were released during an interview for Bloomberg interview in which the CEO of Disney would not disclose details of future cooperation between Apple and Disney (one of the questions listed).

According to Iger, the excellent user experience Apple TV has a positive effect towards content producers such as Disney because it allows users to have a good relationship with the use of content.

Recall that the new Apple TV is available recently and that brings on a new TV interface, including applications and games. To find out all the details of Apple TV you can find on our site all the articles related to the new set-top box Apple.

Source : AppleInsider

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