Sunday, December 20, 2015

Briquid Mini Game - ready to enter the world of puzzles and challenges?

If you're a fan of puzzles and challenging games, and you have the ability to solve all stages of the games, in your newest game Briquid Mini, which will test your ability to be patient, as well as solve puzzles.

Briquid Mini Game among simple games, once you look at the picture of the game you at first glance it is a simple game normal, but once you try it and sink into the depths, and in particular the dissolution of some of the advanced stages, you'll find yourself in front of the game is very strong puzzle.

Goal in the game is to solve puzzles that experience, of course, all you have to is to build brick and broken down, including help in ending the desired shape, and styling stone bricks correctly, this will be easy in the early stages only.

The advanced stages you'll find yourself in front of the mysteries may take you minutes to solve if you are very smart, and some may take hours to do so because of difficulty and the large number of options and possibilities, therefore this game will be very suitable for fans of this kind of head games and puzzles.

Temporary display: the price of the real game is $ 1.99 and now up to them to become a limited time price of $ 0.99.

  • Works on iPhone, iPod-Touch devices and the iPad.
  • The appropriate operating system: iOS 5.0 or later.
  • Suitable: for all.
  • The latest version: 1.0 (appeared in the history of 10.27.2014)
  • Size: 17.8 MB (can download via 3G)
To download the application:
  • Developer: Gamious B.V
  • Click here to download the application

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