Sunday, December 20, 2015

Do you update to version iOS 9.2? Have problems?

Periodically and with each new version launched by Apple are keen to explore the views of users, and this for the benefit of others their experiences and views, so Always ask about your opinion about the new version of iOS system, and does give a good performance for you? Are there some problems that have accompanied this version?

Apple seeks Since the seventh version of iOS to provide updates rapidly system, this is good and excellent on the one hand, on the other hand cause some problems wholesale for a large category of users, but all in all succeed Apple to provide version is more stable, but this needs them launch several versions, and this is what happened with the ninth version also.

Another version has officially launched Apple is iOS 9.2, of course, was launched this update, bringing several advantages, improvements and repairs to some of the previous problems, and perhaps the most important statement by the update for users of pan-Apple device users:

  • Siri Arabic language support officially.
  • Repair some of the previous problems and advantages General
  • Apple was keen to make the system lighter, faster and more stable.
As for the second and third points, as is obvious to all Apple device users to get this gradually, and the problems begin with extinction with each version released by Apple, of course, with the emergence of other problems in some users because of conflict of advantages, which makes Apple seeks to provide a new update, to be up to the issuance of more stability.

Among other features that users would like to get it should not be forgotten, is the performance of a public system and the consumption of energy especially the battery, where he hopes everyone with each update released by Apple that the rationalization of battery power, and this is related to the system and the software underlying which have a role in battery power.

After all, version 9.2 will not be the last, and the evidence that Apple has quickly provide update No. 9.2.1, and provided by the developers first, and then put to the members of the organizers demo Apple system, and who can benefit from downloading the latest versions prior to release officially, which means that this version has not left him little and up-Large officially.

Version 9.2.1, according to reports will come to resolve some of the outstanding problems in the last version of the above-mentioned, and will not have any other features, which means that it may be the last version launched by Apple or may be followed by version 9.3 after that to increase the stability of the system and solving the above has been monitoring problems and obstacles in the previous version.

The experimenters: Does the battery have improved in the last update? Is performance became better ??

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