Tuesday, December 15, 2015

How clean iPhone RAM without restart him

 few weeks ago I presented a trick meant to make faster iPhones in 10 seconds, it based on cleaning RAM occupied by applications open.

That trick was based on a restart terminals Home + Power buttons iPhone, closing and reopening proceedings devices in seconds, but today I have for you a much simpler method of achieving the same end result.

Specifically, you can clean the glass of the iPhone and free RAM for use with new applications without will close and reopen the devices, the trick being recommended in the past to solve problems of buttons Home of the iPhone 4, though it has a different utility.

How clean iPhone RAM without restart him

The steps below can be followed on any iPhone, but even on tablets iPad, or iPod Touch's, regardless of the iOS version that you have installed devices yours so you can enjoy its effect to improve performance of Apple products.

To clean iPhone ram must:

  • Press the Power button, on the upper right or upper right of the casing;
  • In the new interface long press the Home button at the bottom round terminals.
  • While hold, you should return to the main applications.
Now if you try to open an application that was already open in the background you will see the data displayed in it will be recharged, a sign that everything she had saved in RAM device you been wiped out, the same is true for other applications remaining in the background.

In essence, you can recover up to 400-500 MB RAM if you have a 2 GB RAM terminal, being smaller quantity if less RAM devices, but regardless of volume performance will be better after following the procedure.

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