Tuesday, December 1, 2015

How to speed up the work of any iPhone in less than 10 seconds

Older iPhone models are very popular. Specifications iPhone 4s, iPhone 5, iPhone 5s did not reveal the potential of the new mobile operating system iOS 9 (iPhone 4 and does not support it), and in some cases, "nine" adversely affect the operation of devices.

Even a couple of years ago when the telephone was the flagship, the users were surprised speed pet and could not imagine that soon he will hang out and fail. But in reality nothing has changed: you either got used to the high speed of the iPhone, or compare with the new models.

In games, the situation is more clear: periodic freezes and crashes related to the banal lack of RAM. Many of the new game and does not support older devices, it is necessary to say much more correct than to give access to the software that will not work properly.

But not so bad - iPhone users have the opportunity to speed up the operation of the mobile device. About the simplest way to tell Mark Forrester from Gizmodo. All it needs to do - press and hold the power button until the display shows "Disable"; then will move your finger on the Home button and hold it for as long as the iOS does not show the desktop.

iOS clear the memory and the device will work better, says the blogger. If you now open the multitasking bar, then there will be card applications. The difference is that they will again be loaded into memory when the user decides to start them.

This technique will help owners of iPhone, which use the gadget for a long time. After this procedure the device should work better.

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