Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Idot: the anti-Apple smartphone in a new concept (Video)

Are you tired of WhatsApp massage , notifications, updates received continuously on your smartphone? Want to go to the dear and good old "dumbphone" designed solely to perform essential functions of the classic mobile phone? Then you may need the "iDot", a futuristic concept based only on the primordial function of a mobile phone.

Maybe some of you are familiar with the model Punkt MP-01, an anti-smartphone by design quite often with only the main functions necessary to a mobile phone. 295.00 € is required for buying this product, yet managed to elicit a considerable interest on the part of consumers around the world. After years and years of innovation and tendency to "smart", with the continued ability to stay connected to the network – almost – every part of the globe, some people feel the need to "Detox" from the constant messages and received updates on smart phones, Facebook, Twitter, etc..

Here, then, the concept on a dumbphone branded Apple, or rather, how could it be if Apple decides to make one. From the minds of CURVED/labs came up this result: the iDot.

IDOT shows a design very similar to Siri-new Apple TV Remote. If you reside in the vicinity of your iPhone, obviously with bluetooth active, this will be able to interface updating and bringing back the main notifications on the small screen. Good or bad how it works now with Apple Watch. Without that connection, iDot would be able only to mainly and only calls.

The features offered by iDot, we would find:

  • 6.3 mm thick;
  • various colours available today for iPhone;
  • storage reserved for internet ... (?!);
  • maximum battery life of about 5 days;
  • total weight under 100 grams;
  • No camera;
  • no internet connection;
  • no application;
  • any kind of distraction.

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