Thursday, December 17, 2015

iOS 9.2.1 beta 1 - first impressions

iOS 9.2.1 Beta 1 is available during last night for application developers for the iOS platform, Apple giving them the opportunity to test this update on their devices before the official launch.

Official Apple announced iOS 9.2.1 beta that change brings one user, and yet did not reveal any change in the operating system interface, so perhaps these are the internal changes that Apple will announce the changelog Release .

IOS 9.2.1 beta 1 testing last night and so far we have seen that the performance of iPhone 6S Plus are worse than in iOS 9.2, but should not get hung here since we are talking about a beta version of the operating system, things being able to radical change until the official launch.

IOS 9.2.1 beta 1 first impressions

Apart from a reduction in performance I did not notice any major change in iOS 9.2.1 beta or minor one, and autonomy can not tell you about anything after a period of use so small, but I have a sneaking suspicion that she does notIt will be better.

If iOS 9.2.1 beta 1 are performing worse than those of iOS 9.2, there is a very high chance autonomy as likely to be smaller because there are many processes that runs in the background and consumes more energy than normal.

iOS 9.2 is, in my view, one of the best versions of iOS 9 launched so far by Apple, but iOS 9.2.1 beta 1 does signal that things will change for the better after its official launch, regardless of when it will happen.

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