Tuesday, December 15, 2015

iPhone 7 and iPad Air 3 - Launch details and functions

iPhone 7 and iPad Air 3 to be launched 2016 by Apple, the smartphone there is a very clear conviction in this regard, but about the tablet could not assume too much considering what happened this year.

According to an analyst Asian with valid information about Apple products unreleased iPhone 7 to be released in the fall of 2016 with a 3D Touch extremely similar to that used by Apple for the iPhone 6S, but this should not be surprising .

Although 3D Touch system is very important for Apple, problems of production parts to prevent Apple to expand functionality in the near future, so it looks like we will have exactly the same way as before Touch Engine.

iPhone 7 and iPad Air 3 - Launch details and functions

On the other hand, Apple will try to expand access to controlling 3D Touch in iOS applications and provide developers more reason to implement this system in applications support, but it remains to be seen whether they will be receptive to it.

iPhone 7 in 2016F to use 3D Touch solution of similar technology & structure as iPhone 6s; 3D Touch to improve user experience of touch panel long term, but won’t contribute much to near-term shipments. We think only more apps supporting 3D Touch and continued improvement of 3D Touch UI design will support increased use of 3D Touch. 3D Touch one of the most severe production bottlenecks in iPhone 6s supply chain; current inventory higher than other general components.

Regarding the iPad Air 3, talking about a release which would take place in the first three months of next year, but the people at Apple had decided not to implement 3D Touch in the new version of the iPad tablet and this decision underlying problems of component production.

Although 3D Touch is a function that enough users have appreciated it, Apple can not produce enough components to implement the system and the iPad Air 3, but on the other hand would not have cause to do so, if it had sufficient components available.

new iPad Air 3 in 1H16F unlikely to feature 3D Touch. We forecast that iPad Air 3 will opt not to feature 3D Touch because of production issues. While we think the 3D Touch supply chain produced more to avoid shortages in the early stages, slower end-product demand and improved back-end assembly yield have resulted in the current high inventory. As 1Q16 demand looks to slow on seasonality and competition from other brands’ new models, we believe 3D Touch supply chain capacity utilization is currently lower than peak level of 30%, and that will last through 1Q16. 

That said, iPhone 7 and iPad Air 3 will be launched 2016 by Apple, but 3D Touch has an exclusive function for iPhones.

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