Wednesday, December 23, 2015

iPhone 7 Edge - Future Smartphone (Video)

iPhone 7 Edge is the name given by a graphic of a new concept for the iPhone 7 which was published during the previous night, he trying to show us how it could evolve Apple smartphone in the coming years.

This concept of iPhone 7 Edge, although better was called iPhone 7 Plus, shows a terminal that has two new speakers in the top / bottom, and a new type of construction camera positioned at the back of the case, certain elements are taken from the HTC, for example.

iPhone 7 Edge Concept Touch the Home button does not eliminate integrate ID, but has a slightly curved outwards screen that displays crystal clear images on virtual thanks 2K resolution, the whole issue is still far from what Apple could offer.

Even so, it would not exclude the iPhone to evolve into something similar to the iPhone 7 Edge in the not too far future, but of course with some modifications to it approaches the design philosophy of Apple, though, and this change constantly.

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