Friday, December 18, 2015

OLED: Apple could take the Samsung and LG display

Lately there is much talk of Apple and the OLED technology for displays of the next iPhone. Now a new rumor says that the Cupertino company could rely on two producers for the supply of OLED displays, Samsung and LG.

Apple, in case you want to integrate an OLED display in its iPhone, might consider the option of relying on two manufacturers of panels, namely Samsung and LG to limit the "dependence" on a single supplier and to have a better chance to negotiate prices of orders.

The news comes from DigiTimes and thus refers to a rumor that lately it is becoming increasingly popular: the likely adoption of OLED displays in the future iPhone.

LG should get most of the orders although the role of Samsung would seem destined to grow. INews24 also reports that Samsung has a cheaper price for OLED displays compared to LG.

We do not know if Apple plans to use OLED panels already on iPhone 7 or need to wait (some rumors speak of 2018), in each case we will update you if we learn more. Recall that OLED displays have some interesting features for the user experience, such as a large depth of color and contrast although they also have some disadvantages such as degradation after a certain period of use.

Source: iClarified

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