Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Smart iPhone holder and the idea did not succeed

Maybe this one of the rare times that writes about the extension in Kickstarter and have failed to fundraising. This product has not been able to achieve 10% of the target amount. The reason for writing to him that it was an attempt to provide a new form of extensions.

Who tracks hardware and accessories that are issued and smart phones especially the iPhone feel very bored as they are mostly the same extension comes another feature to add or improve upon existing advantages in an existing extension or a flaw in the handling accessories. But the extension Triple S offers a range came to the advantages we see for the first time together in a single extension.

1- Multi-angle holder: Triple S you can put the phone in front of you from an angle of 80 degrees, a vertical suitable Elvis Time or horizontal talks to 60 degrees which is suitable for watching videos or horizontal position angle of 30 degrees is suitable for browsing phone angle.

2- Speaker: Triple S been designed to include the speaker clearly from which you can freely use the phone while driving or doing other work, where you'll hear the other party without problems.

3- Protective cover: Triple S includes a protective cover can be mounted so that protects your iPhone from any water or dust and the phone so you can watch content in places where there is water, for example, such as the kitchen or the seashore. Then you can put the phone inside the cover and do not worry any of the water shoot him.

In order to ensure team-based product strength on protection cover, they made it from a transparent and strong material but prevents the touch so they designed a special application you can control the video by the device movement. Move the phone to the right to move to the next section and to the left of the former and the heart of the phone on his face to stop the video and tilt forward to the experience of the section and so on, as shown in the following picture:

Strange that Triple S failed to finance the collection, perhaps the advantages do not be a great adequately but we have already seen fewer advantages and more expensive accessories (Triple S price of $ 19 to copy the iPhone 6 / 6s and Plus of them) but the developer not been able to collect only $ 600 only a target amount of 10 thousand dollars, which means the failure of the campaign. And you can learn more about him through their page via this link.

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