Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Supposedly the iPhone 7 prototype (Video)

In the video below you can see what appears to be a supposed prototype of the iPhone 7, at least according to those who created the video with a skill worthy of praise, but not too excited because just talking about an object meant to draw the world's attention.

Video Channel which published this video has a name that suggests it is dedicated only destined to become viral videos, so do not think you see now for the first iPhone 7, although the subject has many of the changes rumor a while.

We're talking of course about the lack of a button Home, about a change in the design of housing and some other changes, but what you see in the video below is nothing more than a directing a moment thought in advance by a few people with confidence imagination.

Although it is possible that in the coming months to see videos showing prototypes of the iPhone 7, this is not one of them and wherever you will see, you should know that he is only a fake done to attract the attention of people interested in iPhone 7.

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