Sunday, December 20, 2015

What happens in the design of Apple accessories?

We talked last Thursday in an article for the News on the sidelines of the launch of Apple's casing for the iPhone strange shape. Cover comes to prove something we talked a couple of years ago is that Apple has a real problem with accessories from the beginning of the quality and now it came to the design of products, most recently the battery cover.

For the basic design of the Apple devices iPhone and iPad and Mac computers are still going to stringent quality standards and harvested design awards. But in Apple's sub-sector and private plugins feel something different in it like a "testing ground" for new designers to be trained on how to design Apple products.

In view of the cover of the new Apple feel that there is something strange in it, appeared to cover as it looks in the picture at the top and if there is an explicit battery was glued to it. Watch this video to learn on the cover of one of the most hardware and auditors who blew bow iPhone crisis:

Cover technically good it is shipped in conjunction with shipping the iPhone itself and notices appear in the case of battery casing center also automatically charge the device. And easy to install and use, but in terms of design it is ugly and strange. But there is an additional problem is that the material chosen by Apple to be soft and smooth out a serious flaw which they are easy to dirt. As shown in the previous video.

Let's leave aside the new atmosphere and look at the new Apple mouse. Characterized as comprising the new mouse Touch feature and it does not work by AAA or AA batteries, such as the traditional mouse, but are shipped by means of the iPhone cable. Is not this wonderful? But see how the mouse is charging?

We know that the mouse is being charged once every two or three weeks or a month, but even stranger shipping method where it is impossible to be used during charging. If you happened to forget the mouse and charging the battery while using empty Here you completely stop what they are doing until the mouse is charging. Is this logical Hey Apple?

Turning to Apple's new pen which reaps impressive all users for its quality and ease of use and advantages of its own. But other shipping method are curious where you plugged in iPad from the bottom in makes you stop using the iPad in the period of use or else you risk losing either the pen or the loss of the iPad itself. The only possible way is to use logical to leave it on the table during shipping as the following picture:

If you look at the panel and the new Apple's own iPro keys you feel that shipping casing design is not new to Apple, it does not come in the same philosophy Panel Microsoft Surface keys but he has real buttons, but not up to the parties; Yes, just like the new shipping envelope starts normally, then "bulging ".

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