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What to expect from Apple in 2016?

Days after the end of 2015, which was a distinctive years in Apple's history, is subject to the iPhone has achieved historic sales, Apple began selling the Apple Watch. We are used to offer expectations for next year and now let's think about what we would expect from Apple in 2016.


Expectations mentioned in the article based on the news leaked, or strong rumors or even our analysis of Apple's recent performance and functioning. Sometimes infect and possibly go wrong, no one can know the unseen and no one can expect Apple steps quite efficiently.

Threatened Summit

Apple began in 2015 and the market value of the company's $ 605 billion controlled by the title of the world's largest value market and made everything in the public, to update devices other and provide historical and sales and now the end of the year, the company is becoming almost unchanged 602 billion dollars is still the first company globally. From afar, there was a fierce competitor Apple was equal to twice the value of two years ago. This competitor began in 2015 a market value of 360 billion, more than half of Apple's little but by the end of the year jumped 43% to 515 billion. If this continued strong performance of rival we may find that Apple has been driven from the top of the most valuable companies. This is Olfabit rival company, "Google previously."

IPad Air 3 and iPhone 6c

It was strange things that Apple didin't update iPad primary "size 9.7-inch" throughout 2015 and result in a complete collapse of the tablets that were collapsing without Apple's support after the collapse of sales of the new version. Now dozens of analysts talk that Apple will hold a conference in the second quarter (April-May-June), to detect the iPad Air 3, which will come A9 processor like the iPhone 6s and significant improvements in performance. This conference will not only be for the iPad Air, but there will be an update to another device.

IPhone 5c failure in the past to provide a new and if it succeeds in something we have said time and is planting the notion that Apple offers more than iPhone. Now Apple is expected to announce stop selling the iPhone 6 and replaced with iPhone 6c, which will be the size of 4 inches (strong) or rumors of a maximum of 4.7 inches, such as 6s. Plastic device such as the former will not come, but aluminum and specifications are similar to the iPhone 6 with some improvements. And it is expected to be less than its price of $ 150 for any 6s sold for 16 GB version  $ 500  and $ 600 for 64 GB version.

IPhone 7 and Apple Watch 2

In September, Apple is expected to sit the main conference, which will reveal it all:

  1. IPhone 7, which will be the new most important things that will come processor A10 "quad-core expects", a whole new design and be against the water, and is expected to memory increases to 3 GB and, of course, will be issued in conjunction with the system iOS 10. will be reduce the battery more thus reducing the thickness of the device and the abolition of the headset port and rely on Bluetooth headsets. The cable will be changed to USB C.

  2. Watch 2: Apple is expected to reveal the new generation of Apple Watch, which would be the primary focus on the processor, as well as the quality of the screen and there will be changes in the size of the Watch to set up or shipping port. It is expected that the system keeps Apple to launch time so that every two years to be with the main phone (iPhone 7 and iPhone 8 and years ignored 7s and 8s).
A new generation of MacBook

It is expected during the next year to dispense with the Apple MacBook Air category and replace it with MacBook which revealed this year for a copy of it and has achieved great success in the category Air users because it provides almost the same size, price and screen Ratna. It is expected that Apple is expanding the new generation be the best in the Technical Specifications to be the final alternative for Air. The beginning of the year is expected to occur "in the iPad Air 3 Conference and iPhone 6c" MacBook Pro systems and offers a new generation of them.

IMac may have other devices are updated this year, but without a change in design, but will update the processor and graphics card and internal specifications.

Neglected devices

Is expected to be resolved during the 2016 Apple put some bodies neglected either released an update to each of these categories or cancel some of the other (the reduction in prices and cancellation) and these devices are:
  1. IPod Nano: Last Updated October 2012 was no more than 3 years.

  2. Mac mini: it will not be canceled but will be updated during the next year, Mac mini did not get the updated 435 days ago. Any more than a year.

  3. Mac Pro: giant Apple hardware and the most expensive devices, which the company did not receive any update two years ago, "specifically on 737 days ago" It is expected that gets updated without changing the design.

  4. AirPort: triple Express and Extreme family of storage capacity and Time Capsule is expected that these devices are updated during the year, although Apple is expected to spend at least one of them.

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