Thursday, January 7, 2016

An Apple patent suggests an iPhone with double rear camera

We had heard long ago some rumors and some rumor about the integration of a dual camera on the back of the new iPhone. Some even suggested that the new dual camera arrivals already on iPhone 7. For sure we know that Apple has filed for a patent relating to this subject even though we don't know if the systems described in the patent will come true.

As usual we specify that we speak of a patent and that, as such, does not mean that what is described in these pages then become reality. Often patents lead to innovations on the device into production but just as often they are no longer being developed. In this patent, we discover a few more details on setup with dual camera we heard about a while ago.

For what could serve a dual camera back? First for optical zoom, integrating the two lenses to magnify the images without using the digital zoom, then to exploit separately the two cameras to record video and take pictures at the same time at full resolution (not like you can do now at reduced resolution). Not bad even the idea of using two cameras to create videos with variations and alternations of photos (even in sequence), video and slo-mo. In this regard, the patent describes some typical situations with iMovie and the ability to synchronize the filming to perform simple Assembly with its changes.

Surely you will need much work by Apple but the premises could suggest interesting and creative uses of this type of technology.

We just have to wait and see if these ideas will come on the next iPhone or not.

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