Friday, January 29, 2016

Apple developing a virtual reality system

Apple has a special team of engineers who developed the virtual reality and augmented reality in its laboratories in Cupertino team is secret until recently when the media learned about its existence.

This team of Apple engineers tested various virtual reality helmets along with other technologies designed to bring the real world into a virtual environment that can be experienced by users in a completely new way.

According to American publications, several hundred employees in this division secret of the Apple, a variety of virtual reality experts were hired over time, many of them coming even from the rival Microsoft.

Apple bought the company Lytro past and recent one called Flyby, first with virtual and augmented reality software that combines real-world images with virtual images to create an experience that is not offered by similar schemes.

The Flyby worked at Google including the development of virtual reality systems, hoisting her sensors that allowed mapping 3D objects or rooms from the real world to be visible in virtual reality applications running on smartphones.

So far the team has assembled employees of Apple headphones multiple prototypes for virtual reality, some Oculus Rift similar or Hololens various configurations being tested by Apple employees, most of Oculus Rift inspired you.

The team that developed the virtual reality and augmented reality were formed in early 2015, and if at the moment it has reached hundreds of employees working on this project, it is clear that Apple is very interested.

Apple has many patents for virtual reality systems and augmented reality, but it remains to be seen what will be transformed from a patent into a real product and if it will be profitable or those from Apple.

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