Friday, January 29, 2016

Apple records 76% of iOS 9 devices

Figures for the use of versions of the mobile system from Apple were measured through the App Store on 25 January, 2016 and published on the App Store panel to developers, and indicate that the iOS 9 is now present in 76% of iPhones, iPads and iPod touch. And yet one percentage point was won against the 75% mark that was recorded two weeks ago.

At the same time, the iOS 8 usage rate has fallen from 19% recorded as of 13 January, 2016, to 17%, a loss of two points. The older versions of iOS, which Apple brand as "previous" in your pie chart, continue to account for seven percent of the devices.

Despite having a high percentage, growth is slow for a while. In December, more than a month, the company had also recorded only a 1% increase in adoption over the previous two weeks. Of course it's still a much bigger growth you see in the latest update of Android, after all, Google's system depends on numerous factors for having presence in various manufacturers, with different update policies.

Another factor that may have helped iOS 9 in their slow but steady growth, is that the system is present in the new recently launched devices, although sales of iPhones have fallen for the first time in Apple's history. Finally, the recent update to iOS 9.2.1 can drive the adoption by some users who have not updated their devices, since the system is now more stable.

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