Thursday, January 7, 2016

Apple wants to create an iPhone that repairs itself?

A new patent speaks of a "self-healing" iPhone or an iPhone that, under certain conditions, would be able to repair itself alone. Obviously this is only a patent and it might not come true even if a "feature" could be really decisive.

An Apple patent talks about an iPhone capable of sheltering alone under certain circumstances. We are talking about a technology that should allow for an iPhone future to repair themselves. The patent describes a technology that theoretically could allow the iPhone to repair and fix several problems at times when it is not being used.

Of course, we should not think for something like science fiction or futuristic, but we have to "just" thinking about minor issues, that can be solved independently and without the attention of users or technicians.

The patent describes a rather interesting example: damage from water, scenario that could be really dangerous for many components and especially for speakers. If an iPhone with this technology were to fall into the water could immediately detect the damage from contact with water and play from the speakers a certain sound to get rid of the water in order to protect the speakers and their operation without human intervention.

The patent also describes the case in which there are dead pixels on the display. Auto-repair technology would allow the fixing of display points affected by certain processes to run at night or when not using the device. In the patent also referred to problems on camera and mobile network connection.

In short, a really interesting idea that would allow the iPhone to run diagnostics and repairs alone in order to remain efficient. We'll see in future what will Apple.

(Source: USPTO)

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