Tuesday, January 5, 2016

CES 2016: LG has released a new MacBook gold

LG 15 Gram was unveiled at CES 2016 by the company LG and as you can see in the pictures in this article, we are talking about a new Golden MacBook, it having yet a 15-inch screen instead of the 12 inch genuine products offered in Apple.

LG 15 Gram looks very much like a 12-inch MacBook Apple company, exactly as happens in the case of HP EliteBook Folio 2016, just as they offer users an LG faxing services with larger screen, but the thickness and weight reduced, worthy of the title that carries the product.

LG 15 Gram weighs 979 grams and a thickness of 15 mm, so we're talking about a product that is not only easy, but it is also very thin, so portability is the key word in this situation, you won't suffer performance despite worthy of praise.

LG Gram 15 offers an autonomy of up to 7 hours thanks to the processor Intel Core i5 and i7, he of course having USB port-C complete package being implemented, very interesting, even if we are talking about a new MacBook clone image has no price yet.

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