Tuesday, January 5, 2016

How to change the Control Center interface in iOS 9

If you've ever wondered how you can change the Control Center interface in iOS 9, well today I have for you tweak your Eucnide which was thought specially to allow us to do this directly from our terminals.

In the image above you can see how it might look Control Center interface after installing Eucnide in iOS 9 on your iDevice, it can display a task switcher to quickly terminate applications you don't want open in the background.

Eucnide has a separate menu options available in the Settings, Configurations, and through him we can customize the buttons displayed in the Control Center, the menus that are visible or not for our daily use and many, many other changes that can benefit from the terminals.

Eucnide is a redesigned Control Center view which brings a new beautiful view with added features to the control center. By swiping up you’ll access an app switcher in which you can switch to any app you’ve previously opened. If you swipe again you’ll get the music view where you can control media being played. 

Eucnide is available for download from repo BigBoss Cydia-ul of following this link.

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