Wednesday, January 6, 2016

How to install old versions of applications if you jailbreak

The Admin app is a tweak launched later this evening in Cydia for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch that have the jailbreak, it being created in order to offer them the possibility to install old versions of existing applications in the App Store.

We all know that over the years certain applications have lost certain functions, and some of them do not work on old versions of iOS, App Admin helping you install old versions of some applications if they are available in the App Store.

The procedure itself is not very complicated, it requires completion of some fairly simple steps and the use of identifiers for applications, but the end result will be the availability of terminals in your old versions of applications that you probably wanted or who have need.

For starters, you must install the Admin App from Cydia, tweak your being integrated automatically in the App Store, the one that will do all the procedures to install your old applications for terminals, whether you have installed any version in the terminal or not.

After opening the App Store, search for the desired application and click Open/Get/iCloud icon and then you will see two options, one that tells you that you can open or download that application and one that offers you the option to Downgrade.

Choose Downgrade and you will display the versions that you can install in your terminals, so this list is quite short with a limited number of options, so you can basically return just from one iteration of a few weeks or months, depending on the frequency of updates.

From that list you can install any version by clicking the right or existence and enter the identifier written with small figures, after its introduction the installation of that application versions being made automatically by the App Store.

Sadly the App Admin will not display and a changelog for the old version of the application on which you will install, so basically make installation without having to know what functions you lose and what problems you win.

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