Sunday, January 31, 2016

iPad Air 3 casings first appear on the Internet

The first iPad Air 3 casings appeared during this day the images you can see below, they confirming two major changes that Apple has prepared for those who will be interested to buy your next product release.

The housings are manufactured on the basis of sketches stolen from factories iPad Air 3 partners who are to assemble Apple to launch the tablet market, so manufacturers have invested serious amounts accessories to have these products ready for the appearance of the tablet.

The first major change confirmed housings for  iPad Air 3 is the upcoming implementation of four speakers in the tablet Apple iPad Pro is the only tablet that has so many speakers available, but in future it will be seconded and the 9.7 inch screen tablet.

A second important change confirmed housings for iPad Air 3 is implementing an LED flash for the main camera, Apple avoiding in 6 years to provide component such as tablets are not seen as a usual picture recording devices.

Finally it seems that some enclosures for iPad Air 3 included a hole for a possible Smart Connector, ie port that connects iPad Pro accessories for loading and simple operation, but it is unlikely he will be offered in this model of iPad .

Apart from these changes, housings for  iPad Air 3 does not denote implementing other changes, these accessories are sold in minimum quantities of 500 pieces of Chinese manufacturers, each case costing just 3-4 $ a purchase that big.

Based on the latest information from the Internet, iPad Air 3 screen 4K and 4 GB RAM to be presented at a conference should be organized in March by Apple, the tablet will have a chip A9, but yet no details on the sale price.

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