Monday, January 4, 2016

iPhone 6c will use an Intel chip

iPhone 6c is going to use an Intel chip, the American company managed to reach an agreement with Apple to seemingly provide this component for future smartphone that should reach the market earlier this year.

According to some sources from within the supply chain of Apple, Intel would supply the chip modem GSM connectivity that facilitates the iPhone 6c, it will form the basis of telephone calls and browsing the internet using the future terminal of the Apple company .

Intel XMM 7260 / XMM 7360 / XMM 7262 are chip modem on which Apple could deploy in iPhone 6c, the following being the most efficient, but its adoption is subject to the reduction of the price charged by Intel for sale.

Intel and Apple are collaborating for quite some time for the development of modem chips in order to implement in smartphones, this despite the fact that Apple's use of modem chips Qualcomm in the iPhone and iPad, rumors about his partnership with Intel there for years.

Intel will be under the bonnet of the next generation iPhone C with its modem design. Intel has reached an agreement to build its wireless modem inside of the consumer version of the iPhone. The company has a few modems that Apple might want. The most likely choice is the Intel XMM 7260 / XMM 7262 slim modems with LTA Advanced support. Both modems support Cat. 6 LTE-Advanced, 22 bands at 300 Mb/s including world support.

Choice of iPhone 6c to deploy a Intel modem has logic because Apple will want to test this component on a smartphone, less important to the iPhone 7 being  extremely problematic, though he will not be free trouble .

If the implementation of this Intel chip in iPhone 6c model will prove to be successful, then Apple could expand collaborate with Intel and the Smartphones of its top range, so it will be interesting to see how it could evolve.

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