Friday, January 8, 2016

iPhone 7 should be thinner, water resistant and with support for wireless recharging

Apple will gradually putting the iPhone line with features that competitors already use, such as larger screens and camera sensors, as well as options in iOS. And according to the latest rumors about the iPhone 7 point to a thickness even thinner than the current generation, thanks in large to the alleged absence of the 3.5 mm jack for headphones, certification that ensures water resistance and support for wireless charging.

The giant of Cupertino have decided to exclude the 3.5 mm connector for transmission of audio through the Lightning connector, which is generating unease among fans of the company, which has even gathered in a public petition for this change is not put into practice. On the other hand, also says that was being added to the iPhone 7 a new noise cancellation system during playback of music or phone calls thanks to Cirrus Logic audio technology.

As the other two mentioned technologies, should it prove true, should be well received by the public, since taking the iPhone to the kitchen, bathroom, pool or beach would not be a problem. We would also have the facility to recharge the device's battery without the need to be connecting cables.

Remember that the models of the current generation arrived just four months ago, so it's probably still take a while until we see their substitutes and the news that Apple will bring to the market.

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