Sunday, January 3, 2016

Mac OS was installed on the iPad Air 2 (Video)

Apple refuses to create a Tablet iPad with OS X installed, so a person thought to show us as Mac OS 7.5.5 can be installed and run on the iPad Air 2, video clip below stand proof to this achievement quite impressive for an Apple product.

In the video below you will see Mac OS 7.5.5 running relatively decent iPad Air 2, jailbreak Tablet having done and emulator DosPad installed, allowing it to run on the operating system created by Apple for Macs and not for iPad tablets.

After installing the DosPad was necessary and installation, and Vmac emulator as you will see, when booting Mac OS 7.5.5 lasts no less than 2 minutes, I mean exactly as much as well as take at the time Macs were running this operating system of Apple.

Although many will rejoice to see that the Mac OS was installed on an iPad tablet, the reality is that now I don't have enough tablets processing power to support a newer version of OS X, but this does not include iPad Pro for which there is no jailbreak yet.

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