Thursday, January 28, 2016

Video concept presents possible iPhone 7 design and features of iOS 10

Major releases in the mobile device market are generally preceded by many rumors and also concepts, ideas, designed for fans willing to demonstrate the more didactic way possible what they would like to see in a new tablet or smartphone. IPhone 7 is one of the more devices that renders this type of content in the large network and we have one more, which impresses because it presents a possible future reality.

In the video below, published by the iPhone-Tricks on his YouTube channel, presents a concept of iPhone 7 running iOS 10 and the highlights are; an OLED screen without frames and integrating a home button with support for fingerprint recognition via Touch ID also includes support for additional gestures that let you open certain applications.

With speculation pointing the official arrival to the market in September, the real iPhone 7 Apple should not bring all the features seen above, but future versions will certainly see some of the presented features, such as OLED expected screen for 2018, not forgetting Cupertino giant patent pointing to remove the physical home button.

As the operating system, the video shows that the Touch ID feature can be better spent with diverse and new applications in an update for iOS 10.

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