Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Apple began to receive samples of the special dual camera for iPhone 7 Plus

We have heard many rumors about the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus in the last period, and was one of those rumors suggest the advent of iPhone 7 Plus with dual camera background. With this in mind, it has issued a new report today from the site DigiTimes reports that Apple plans to use of number of suppliers for a dual camera iPhone 7 Plus.

According to this report, the supplier companies from China, Japan and also Largan Technology Corporation of Taiwan started sending samples of these special dual cameras for iPhone 7 Plus for Apple. It should be noted that Largan Technology is one of the largest suppliers for Apple at the moment, and this Taiwanese company is overseeing the manufacture 60% of the cameras that are currently used in the iPhone and iPad, but it seems that Apple is looking for other suppliers.

The reason why Apple has to search for other suppliers of dual camera for  iPhone 7 Plus is to reduce the risk in the event of any problems with one supplier company, in the case if there was a problem, it would disrupt the new iPhone.

Regardless of the dual camera in the iPhone 7 Plus, we also expect to get the New iPhone 7 with many other improvements, including the new Apple Chip A10, and high RAM. We also expect that both devices are increasing the screen resolution, although it remains to be seen the precision with which you will use Apple, and we hope to get on the iPhone 7 Full HD resolution at least.

Overall, soon as I get more details about the new iPhone 7, we will allow you to find out as always. Before concluding I would like to point out that it is also expected that Apple has released iPhone 5SE a 4-inch screen in the conference is likely to be held in March in conjunction with the iPad Air 3.

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