Monday, February 1, 2016

Apple cautions and replaced some of the Chargers since 2003 until 2015

It's nice to find a company interested customers well, this is what Apple is doing without any intolerance, and in fact is evidenced, and the evidence for that is what we will tell in the news today is important, as regards Chargers iPhone devices, iPad and MacBook.

Yes, this is what announced by Apple, if you are using chargers for iPhone devices, iPad and MacBook in some countries, you are eligible to get a new charger, replace the old, and the reason for the existence of technical and manufacturing problems in the old, may cause electric shock and serious problems, and this is what I said Apple, and more than that the program includes electric chargers that have been sold since 2003 until 2015.

what is the problem? In what countries they have been selling these chargers?

According to Apple; this problem include all devices Chargers iPhone, iPad and MacBook which have been sold since 2003 until 2015, of course, since 2003 mean Apple MacBook computers, and the special iPhone, iPad Since the start sold from the first generation to the last.

The countries where these chargers spread are:

  • The continent of Europe.
  • Argentina.
  • Brazil.
  • South Korea.
  • New Zealand.
  • Australia.

The problem is related to these electric charges, it may break, which could cause electrical problems if the user has to touch them.

Note that chargers sold in America, Canada, Britain, as well as China and Japan do not suffer from this problem.

How do I know that I have a charger that has a problem?

For clarity, Apple said that this problem include the large number of custom devices: iPhone chargers, iPad as well as the MacBook, may therefore not covered by all of them, but mostly, and so you know if your charger is exposed to this problem, you can see the previous image, where you will find written on your charger code definitions: that consisted of four or five letters or numbers is the gallery of the problem and need to be replaced, but that was written in it: (EUR - KOR - AUS - ARG - BRA) it's properly.

How do I request the replacement of the charger with the problem?

  • To draw closer to the official Apple retail stores or accredited centers in the nearest place in your country.
  • Replacement request through this page.
  • Communicate with Apple's support team.
And remember, that replacement is possible even if the warranty period has ended, and the more information you can visit the official replacement page. And do not forget to stop using the charger that was vulnerable to this problem and asked replaced.

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