Monday, February 8, 2016

Here are the most popular iPhone today, the results may surprise you

These days we often speak of the possible presentation in March of a new iPhone with 4-inch display, a return to the dimensions that preceded the arrival of iPhone 6 and 6 Plus markets in 2014 , early Apple smartphone to dare with diagonals.

In this atmosphere of back to basics, is definitely interesting market research by MixPanel. The most significant is that the iPhone before 2014 are among the most popular and used to the present day, with the model of 2013, iPhone 5S, which currently maintains a firm grip on the second position behind iPhone 6. iPhone models most used currently, according to recent research dated 6 February 2016, followed by some considerations.

  • iPhone 6-35,06%
  • iPhone 5s - 19,1%
  • iPhone 6S - 13,73%
  • iPhone 6 Plus - 8,54%
  • iPhone 5-7,64%
  • iPhone 5c – 5.87%
  • iPhone 6S Plus - 4,27%
  • iPhone 4S - 4.03%
  • iPhone 4 - 1,74%
  • older iPhones- 03%
The popularity of iPhone 5S is definitely linked to a multitude of factors, primarily the goodness of hardware, still able to run fluently most of next generation applications also are still many to prefer a device with small dimensions. On the second point Apple was surely complicit, most customers loyal to the company historical Californian, will remember the concept of "one-hand use," strength of the hype with which debuted the iPhone 5 in 2012.

In both cases, the data suggest that Smartphones have reached a level of performance so good, to be made redundant annual updates, the same phenomenon which affected the PC market if we want, and which now seems to recur in computing devices. It will be really interesting to assess the possible impact on the markets by surprise, in fact, discover there iPhone 5SE in future sales results above expectations.

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