Monday, February 15, 2016

Instagram has a big problem with multiple accounts system

Last week Instagram application has been updated by the company owned by Facebook, and the new version was implemented a function that allows the use of multiple accounts on the same smartphone functionality is highly appreciated.

Unfortunately, those from Instagram have not implemented so well even new feature in iPhone application dedicated terminals, so all accounts logged into the application notifications are visible to anyone who uses smartphone application Instagram logged in.

Theoretically, although multiple accounts can be logged in the same application, notices should be displayed separately for each account only when the account is selected, but due to a bug they are displayed for everyone, no matter which account is selected for use.

The problem is that not only notifying are displayed to people who should not see them, but also direct messages sent by other people, so because of this bug will you be able to see information that only the person who logged into your account would have to see.

Those from Instagram have not confirmed the problem and said it would not provide any solution for it, so at the moment the only way to avoid it is to not log more than one account in Instagram app for iPhones.

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