Tuesday, February 2, 2016

iPhone 5se comes with a significant design change

5se is the name of the future iPhone smartphone that Apple intends to submit a conference organized on 15 March in San Francisco and Cupertino, and separate components, it should come with a significant change of design.

Although externally iPhone 5se would look almost exactly like the iPhone 5S, a rumor arose during that day indicate that Apple would have altered the sides of the casing of the iPhone 5S, those of former product being polished to be shiny and prone scratches.

The design of the iPhone 5se would have thought differently so that the edges of the housing will not be equally well polished and have a curved shape, similar to that used for the iPhone 6S so that the experience of using the terminal will be different from iPhone 5S one offered by.

So far no details clear about the change that makes Apple to cover, besides those mentioned above, but know too well that both the iPhone 5S and iPhone 5 had problems with side edges that scratch easily and stays without paint.

Change their shape, and the paint used, will provide more resistance to the terminal in time but had to wait several weeks to see how they look  iPhone 5se case that will surely leak sites exist with it in the near future.

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