Saturday, February 6, 2016

iPhone 5se to be released in a new color

iPhone 5se to be released by Apple with a new color to mark as befits the beginning of a new terminal iPhone market, the Cupertino thinking deep pink as the color of the future new device.

iPhone 5se will be sold in versions silver or gray space, a version with a pink-gold case is not in the plans of Apple for the iPhone 6S not hurt sales terminals in global markets.

Although the tone of the color has not been confirmed with certainty, we speak a different color than the one used for the iPhone 6S, being close to that used for iPod Touch or iPod Nano, a pink much stronger than that used by Apple last year.

iPhone 5se and a new pink

Although only three colors were referred for iPhone 5se case, it is unknown whether Apple plans to offer only terminal with these options, other models with some colors similar to those offered for the iPhone 5C is definitely tested by Apple.

Since the iPhone 5se is designed as a cheaper version of the iPhone and that he will replace iPhone 5S + iPhone 5C, it would be normal to think that Apple to offer the device in many more colors than the existing iPhone premium idea to attract more of the feminine audience.

The problem with this is that iPhone 5se would have an aluminum case and it is not as easy coloring and one plastic, so it's unlikely to see a variation so much color as was the case iPhone 5C.

That said, iPhone 5se would be available in a new color, a pink more intense than the iPhone 6S.

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