Monday, February 8, 2016

Many iPhone owners await iPhone 7

Many current owners of terminals are waiting for iPhone 7 to launch, according to a study conducted earlier this year in the u.s., Bank of America and Merrill Lynch discover that not less than 42% of the study participants, who own iPhone, await iPhone 7.

The percentage of people who will never buy another iPhone until in the fall and will wait for the iPhone 7 is a very large if we think that they know very little about the future of the terminal, and the percentages of this kind are not quite as common, even for Apple.

According to the study conducted by the analysts of the two banks, 51% of respondents own iPhone 6 or iPhone 6 plus and 26% hold the iPhone 6S or iPhone 6S Plus, the rest with various other models of iPhone.

In terms of current owners of iPhone 5S Terminal, 49% plan to buy iPhone iPhone 6S or 6S Plus this year, while 21 percent expecting iPhone 7, here the percentage being small for the new terminal, but we are talking about people who don't upgrade too often.

A BofA/Merrill Lynch survey showed 42% of the respondents who intend to purchase an iPhone are waiting for the iPhone 7. Additionally, 51% of those are waiting for the iPhone 7 are current iPhone 6 or 6+ users and another 26% are current 6S or 6S+ user. Of the current iPhone 5s owners, 49% plan to purchase the iPhone 6s or 6s plus, while 21% of current 5s owners are waiting for the iPhone 7.

To be honest, the percentage of those who will not buy another iPhone outside "iPhone 7" seems very high if we think about the fact that we still have a lot to find out about the future of the company Apple, so it remains to see what it will look like a similar study done in the summer.

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